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Being charged with domestic violence in Vista, California is scary because of California dv laws that is very harsh. This is why our affordable & best Vista Domestic Violence attorney is here to represent and fight to effectively defend you or your loved one against an types of dv abuse and assault charges.  When accused or arrested of any crimes such as family violence the first thing you or a loved one should do is consult with a misdemeanor and felony Vista Domestic Violence lawyer to make sure that your right is protected and that you have a chance of successfully defending  your case.

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Domestic Abuse & Assault Restraining Order 

Many domestic violence offenders think that it is the ‘end of the world’ when they are slapped with a restraining order on their charge. But it is just a minor setback which could be carefully maneuvered to generate a favorable outcome at the end of the day. Total compliance is the key to handling a restraining order successfully which an apt and experienced domestic violence defense lawyer would advice.

The process in requesting for a restraining order may be cumbersome for many alleged domestic violence victims. It involves filling out several court forms for filing.

  1. Form DV-100 for domestic violence restraining order request
  2. Form DV-109 for notice of court hearing
  3. Form DV-110 for temporary restraining order
  4. Form DV-101 for description of abuse
  5. Form MC-020 for additional support in requesting for restraining order
  6. Form DV-105 for child custody and visitation rights request
  7. Form DV-140 for child custody and visitation order in temporary restraining order
  8. Form DV-108 for no travel with children request

If the alleged domestic abuse victim wants child support, other forms must be filled and filed.

  1. Form FL-150 on income and expense declaration
  2. Form FL-155 on financial statement

The experienced domestic violence defense lawyer is able to handle all these forms and their contents deftly to revoke their effectiveness while the alleged victim may be perplexed with so many forms to fill. A close collaboration between the offender and the law firm would bring out winning results for the offender.