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Being charged with domestic violence in El Cajon, CA is scary because of California dv laws that is very harsh. This is why our affordable & best El Cajon Domestic Violence attorney is here to represent and fight to effectively defend you or your loved one against an types of dv abuse and assault charges.  When accused or arrested of any crimes such as family violence the first thing you or a loved one should do is consult with a misdemeanor and felony El Cajon Domestic Violence lawyer to make sure that your right is protected and that you have a chance of successfully defending  your case.

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California domestic violence laws are set in place to prevent further abuse or threats of physical harm to members or dependents of the family.  Such crimes could include :

  • Sexual assault and
  • Domestic battery as well as
  • Harassing and emotional intimidation that lead to trauma and dysfunctional lives

Domestic violence crimes in California laws could be activated verbally, psychologically or emotionally besides physically to anyone in the household. These are common tactics used to intimidate the victim into total fearful submission.

Legal protection is offered freely for those who are known to be abused by supposedly trusted and close individuals. California Family Code Section 6203 lists the ways in which dependents could be protected from harm and danger within the family while Penal Code 273.5 and 243 (e) (1) lists specific domestic violence offenses which could be tried in California courts.

The city adopts the stringent domestic violence laws of the state to ensure a full protection for all needy family members young or elderly to enjoy their lives to the full.

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