Chula Vista Domestic Violence Lawyer

Being charged with domestic violence in Chula Vista, CA is scary because of California dv laws that is very harsh. This is why our affordable & best Chula Vista domestic violence lawyer is here to represent and fight to effectively defend you or your loved one against an types of dv abuse and assault charges.

When accused or arrested of any crimes such as family violence the first thing you or a loved one should do is consult with a misdemeanor and felony Chula Vista domestic violence attorney to make sure that your right is protected and that you have a chance of successfully defending  your case.

Domestic violence in in the city  is very much frowned upon by society and authorities where strict laws have been set in place to protect all victims. It is possible to seek help from the law to protect against the offender with a domestic violence restraining order.

Restraining Order For DV

A domestic violence restraining order is served to the alleged offender to protect parties that are subject to physical or emotional abuses at home by spouse, parent or caregiver. A restraining order limits the offender’s activities and influence on the abused victims until the case is settled by the court through a trial.

There are various custody and visitation orders which could be requested by the alleged domestic violence victims to the court depending on the terms and conditions to be satisfied.
A restraining order allows the estranged family to try to function normally without too much contact time that could trigger domestic violence. Visitation rights are imposed on the alleged offender to encourage a safer and more comfortable environment for the family to reconcile.

Legal Assistance in Defending Domestic Violence on Restraining Order

A domestic violence defense law firm in Chula Vista would be the best source of legal counsel to assist the alleged domestic violence offender on the issuance of a restraining order which would affect custody and visitation rights to children or dependents.

Chula Vista Domestic Violence Attorney – A Local Affordable & Top Rated, Best Defense Team Can Help You With Your Case

The experienced lawyer in handling domestic violence defense cases is well versed with the court proceedings and the law to offer the best counsel in moving forward with such limitations.